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Visiting the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie

One of the great part of traveling full-time is the learning opportunities for all ages. Learning never stops, and life is often a better teacher than text books...although some books are better teachers than life...like Winnie the Pooh, for...

Playscape Photos from Sebewaing Michigan

I wracked my mind for a catchy title for this post aaaaaaaannnnndddd I failed. Obviously.

Sebewaing (pronounced See-buh-wing, naturally) is a town in Michigan with an impressive playscape across the street from the church where we stayed for...

Birthday Season Has Begun

We have three autumn birthdays in a row in The Travel Bags household. We keep birthdays pretty simple--favorite meals, a few gifts, usually a game or a movie, a favorite dessert, and lately a few fire hazards. Let's keep that last part just...


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