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Zuni Village in Kingman, Arizona {RV Park Review}

Sunny Kingman, Arizona, is just across the border from Nevada and the Hoover Dam. If you visit and need a place to stay, look for Zuni Village RV Park. When you're in town on the main drag, you'll see two RV parks. If you see the other park that...

Exploring the Monolith Garden Trail – Kingman, AZ

We've gone through Kingman, Arizona many times over the past few years. And every time we've passed through, I have noticed the intriguing rock formations just off the highway. As an avid hiker, I always thought it would be cool to explore those...

March Stephen Bautista Music Mission News

Last month we celebrated five years on the road full-time! 

When we first hit the road in February of 2012, we had no idea what was in store for us. We didn't know how the world would receive my music, the mission, or our family. We didn't...


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