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A Non-Architect’s Review of Thinking Like an Architect

The Innovators Tribe offered us a two-year subscription to either Thinking Like an Engineer or Thinking Like an Architect. We chose the latter.

This is where you say: Oh, of course, a trailer full of artists, musicians, and writers...

Yet Another Kwix Stix Rave Review

You've heard me rave about Thin Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. in the past. I'm going to rave a little bit more, because this time they've gone above and beyond by creating the Thin Stix Creativity Pack.

But first, this very important...

How Do Full-Time RVers Get Mail?

People are always asking how we get our mail, and while we sometimes say "Pony Express," that doesn't happen very often. The truth is we use a virtual mailbox service for letters. (Scroll down to see how we receive...


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