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The Thing About Frogs

Frogs are cute.

They have intriguing feet, rather wild eyes, and shiny skin.

They're literary geniuses...or at least they are the main characters in some literary brillance--Frog and Toad. Okay, technically one of them is a toad. Who cares?...

Our Honorary Travel Bag–Samantha

People have told us along our journey that we should allow parents to enroll their kids in a week or two with The Travel Bags to help them appreciate how great their own kids really have it, learn how to work hard and get along with others, and...

Teach Me Some Greek {Homeschool Review}

Our firstborn son Elijah wants to be a chef and a pastor. (Can you imagine the potlucks in his church! I hope I get a standing invitation.) In our denomination (WELS Lutheran), pastors-in-training learn quite a few languages--Latin, because it's...


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