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Our Mail Went By Pony Express

People often ask how we get our mail, and sometimes we tell them "By Pony Express." Before you chant, "Liar, Liar, pants on fire," you need to check out these pictures!

We spent several weeks in January and February at a new friend's cabin in...

How Do Full-Time RVers Get Mail?

People are always asking how we get our mail, and while we sometimes say "Pony Express," that doesn't happen very often. The truth is we use a service called Traveling Mailbox.


Here's how it works, using a hypothetical letter that...

An Arizona Winter

It's common knowledge in The Olde Country (Wisconsin) that the tough folks stay put for winter, spending the 7-9 months of winter shoveling, burning half a forest of wood, and adding another layer of depth to an already thick skin. The...


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