It’s Pasty, Not Pasty

Who doesn’t like a pie in the hand? In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, henceforth titled the UP, hand pies are totally a thing! They are the thing. And they’re called pasties. That’s pronounced “past” like not present or future. They are not pronounced pasties, like the stuff you ate in kindergarten–paste. Okay? Pasties. Got it? There will be a quiz, or at least a reminder. Yup, it’s that important.

It’s a tradition for us to stop for pasties whenever we’re in the UP. Every place makes them a bit different, but we like them all!

This time around the lake we stopped at the Pasty Corner.

Rebecca loves this quote: “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.” Truth.

The shop wasn’t very big. See.

There was indoor seating. We opted to not take up the entire seating area just for us, and ate in the Bagabus. Plus we had a long drive to Marquette, and didn’t want to pull in after dark.

Yum. Pasties!

Did I forget to tel you what a pastie is? Sorry! It’s a crust, like a thing pie crust, filled with savory stuff. Our favorites are beef and potatoes, but other delicious versions are breakfast pasties, pizza pasties, rutabaga, chicken, etc. Any sort of dinner-type pie or, I guess, quiche, wrapped in a crust you can hold in your hand instead of eating with a fork from a bowl…or straight from the pan with your hands if you’re a pie-animal.

I don’t know if pasties can also be sweet. Isn’t that just a turnover? Inquiring foodies want to know. Are there any UPers here who can answer that question?

Summarizing, pasties are totally scrumptious…in our opinion. Go to the UP and eat them all!

But don’t you dare call it pasty with a long A (like paste) instead of pasty with a short A (like past)…or this happens throughout the UP:


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  1. We ate pasties two times in our 2 week road trip through the UP last month. Both were served with gravy, thus requiring a fork. They were both delicious! I’m looking forward to visiting friends with an oven because I just may have to try my hand at making my own.

    1. We’ve never had them with gravy. We totally need to go back.

  2. Erin Bowen

    I’m a yooper by birth but a transplant below the bridge(Pigeon,MI to be exact)No sweet pasties please. Just the savory. There is always the ketchup or gravy debate. Ketchup please . Now I’m hungry 😜

    1. Ha ha! We’ve never had them sweet or with gravy. Some of had ketchup, but I turned it down. I might have to try it that way on your recommendation. 🙂 We love your home state!

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