Look Who’s Two!

Our little baby “Eb” has the audacity to grow up. Not only is he no longer a tiny, fuzzy-headed little chap, but he insists he is not a baby. He insists he is a kid–indeed, he insists he is Kid Lone Ranger! Who are we to disagree? Hi ho Silver.

He turned two not too long ago. Two! Slow down, little baby. I mean, whoa there, Kid Lone Ranger.

Judah turned two in the state where he was born–Wisconsin. We had a tiny little party at Grandma’s house.

Grandma gave him a present.

And that was all he wanted.

Except, of course, for this flourless, sugarless, amazingly delicious cake from Hannah.

So we took his unopened birthday presents and saved them for Christmas.

Don’t grow up too fast, Kid Lone Ranger. Hi ho Silver, away!

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