Barn Bluff–A Minnesota Hike Overlooking the Mighty Mississippi

Who knew there was this lovely bluff hike in eastern Minnesota? Eastern Minnesotans knew, I guess, but we didn’t. While camped on a corn farm in Red Wing, we were encouraged to seek out a little hike called Barn Bluff.

As you know, we’ve hiked some impressive trails, including a three-day journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which you can watch right here. We’ve been to most of the national parks, hiked enormous sand dunes, and braved the oceans on both coasts.

All that splendor has not dulled our senses to the smaller, more intricate beauties of God’s creation. Here’s a peek at some of those intricacies, as well as a few other unique views.

As usual (I should say “as almost never”), I’m going to keep the words down to a dull roar and let the pictures do the talking. Here you go–beautiful Minnesota!

But first, your tour guide:

The hikers:

The hike:

If that was too small for you to read, all you really need to focus on is this:

Yes, that said “mass of rattlesnakes.” Chuckle. They are actually, oh what now–I forget, but I think king snakes who rattle their tails against a solid surface to replicate rattlers.

Nobody likes to stick around to test that theory though.

We debated about this next picture: is this the most beautiful name ever or did her parents have a God-complex? We decided it was the most beautiful name ever.

 Now for the delicate intricacies of creation.

Here are some shots from up top.

 This train went through a tunnel directly under our bluff…

which some of us found pretty exciting.

Three people died here in four years pretty much how that picture shows. 

So no sledding, okay?

 The land of counterpane way down there.

Little friends everywhere.

They posed for pictures like old pros.

 A better camera would have captured all of this for you. Better yet, use your eyes and see for yourself. 

Before we get into this upcoming battle scene, I want to remind you that we are all Americans here.

Here it is–Viking territory on one side of the bridge, Packer territory on the other.

No marrying across the lines, Romeo and Juliet.

Go Pack.

Back to something a little more peaceful than football.

These pictures are, in truth, posted backward, so this is us starting the hike. Why didn’t I switch it around? I’m sure you’re tired of viewing adventures from beginning to end–end to beginning is so much more fulfilling. Also, technology and time.

Barn Bluff is a lovely way to spend an hour or three together. If you’re in the area, pop over.

Before you leave, I want to introduce you to our new favorite hiking snacks right here. Take a peek.

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