We Got Nothing Done But Fun in Fort Atkinson

As you saw right here, we spent a weekend at St. Paul’s in Fort Atkinson. It’s a beautiful church filled with beautiful people. We had a wonderful time and met some great folks.

Most of you don’t believe this, but we are not on vacation all the time. We have to continue schooling, booking, running a business, planning, and feeding people, all while moving around the country and sharing the Message through the music.

Somehow, in Fort Atkinson we got almost nothing accomplished. Looking back on that weekend, we can see why.

Let’s begin with the obvious:

No comment on that.

Next, there were trees to be climbed! You can’t learn to read when there are trees crying out for attention!

A church this grand demands exploring…

and wall-walking…

and steeple gazing.


There was the essential task of decorating the Bagabus with orange playdough. Can’t not do that!

Then there were these animals to ride!

Speaking of animals, we had these little pets that Rebecca raised from caterpillars and loved on a little before releasing them at Grandma’s house.

They were definitely a distraction.

There was a ton of pavement needing decorating!

Two very sweet couples loaned us a passel of bikes while we were parked in Fort Atkinson.

Of course, this meant this bike gang was out until all hours terrorizing the…well…terrorizing only us. They had way too much fun on those bikes!

Oh, look at that! Something is getting accomplished. Marissa is was studying for her natural sciences exam–six credits for that baby.

She passed with flying colors.

We took a field trip to another nearby church called Bethany Lutheran. These gorgeous windows were designed by Christy’s mom.

That little cutie is our Hannah Marie when she was a little kitten-loving tot.

If you need windows designed, you know whom to contact!

The real reason we didn’t get much schoolwork done is 99-cent ice cream cones.

This is the test to see whether or not you have had too much ice cream.

Marissa passed.

Fort Atkinson was a blessing to us. We had a wonderful family weekend and met some great people.

Fort Atkinson (and breakfast) earned three thumbs way way up.

Some of us were a little sad to leave. Sorry, Peanut. Back to work!

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