A Day at “Real” School

Elijah often talks about “real” school. You know, “real” school. The kind of school where you go to recess when the bell rings instead of when you’re finished with your math and science. The kind where you have a hook for your backpack, a pack that you fill with schoolbooks and pencils instead of water bottles, first aid kits, food, bear spray, and hiking maps. The kind of school with a desk that flips up instead of a breakfast table that flips down. The kind where you take your lunch along instead of help Mama make it at lunchtime. The kind where you do your schoolwork in a chair, not in a tree.

You  know, real school.

He spent one day at real school with his cousin Natalie last December, and was super-psyched when Principal Loberger—who, by the way, is the brother of a classmate of Christy’s from Manitowoc Lutheran High School—invited the kids to school. Super-psyched!

Rebecca was psyched, too, even though we didn’t really want little Becca going to school. Still, off they went, off to the halls of greater learning.


Sniff sniff.


Elijah’s desk was waaaaay back there in the corner. He was dismayed to learn that not all school desks flip up. This was a huge drawback to the whole “real school” concept that he had firmly implanted in his head from his one day with Natalie.


Still, he handled it like a champ.

Rebecca had her very own desk, too, and was even more excited that today was show-and-tell. Mama ran back to get Stinky Pinky the sock monkey.


Bye bye, little Boo. Sniff sniff.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, what do the turkeys do on a Monday morning without two of the little ones around?


No, not those turkeys! These turkeys.


They play video games! (Don’t tell Elijah.)

All except this little munchkin, who was busy busy busy stacking half our homeschool library.


Yeah, she stacks. Don’t label her.

Of course, Mama had to spy on little Becca, and resisted the overwhelming urge to go get her after lunch.


As it turned out, Mama should have gotten her after lunch, because she started wilting the last couple hours of the day. Nine to four was too long for Mama Becca. She was a tired little thing with a tummy ache when 3:59 and 59 seconds finally rolled around and Mama said “CLOSE ENOUGH!” and stopped hiding in the bushes. But, she had a great morning  with her wonderful teacher and made a few friends.

Here’s the real friend-maker. Elijah saw his class out for recess the next day and brought his Mama and sisters out to meet them. He was mobbed with hugs and back pats and shouts of “Elijah Elijah Elijah.”


No wonder he’s so enamored with “real” school!


It was a great group of kids!


“Can Elijah stay longer?”


No, sorry, he can’t. He has to get back to school. Wink wink.

Thanks for a great time and for including our family!

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