A Day in the Life of The Travel Bags

We were invited to record our day in hourly photos. What fun! We jumped on that invitation, even though it didn’t come with cake and ice cream.

We were supposed to take hourly shots, but our hours are “ish.” In other words, 7-ish, 8-ish, and the rest of the ishes. Still it will give you an idea of what we do. There is no typical day for The Travel Bags. Some days there are concerts, some days worship services, some days field trips, some days stowing and going. This is a no-concert, no-moving, no field trip day.

I did not crop or alter any of the photos in our trailer, which we’re in the early stages of organizing and simplifying. It’s a process. Keepin’ it real, folks!

I, Christy, had the camera, so it begins when I woke up and unburied myself from small people.


We are as paperless as possible, so this is me (it’s actually my computer and phone) reading my Bible on my phone and emailing my teens about something I read. Yeah, I know they’re only 15 feet away, buy who doesn’t love email, and by the time they wake up, I’ll have forgotten what I wanted to tell them. This is also my bed and work station where I work on The Simple Homemaker and The Travel Bags.


I have company! Elijah, Eliana, and Hannah are my morning people. Hannah reads her Bible, exercises, and starts her studies, but Elijah comes to lavish his mama baby sister with hugs and affection. (Mama usually gets a little affection, too.) He is always hungry, so always eats a piece of fruit in the morning, and always shares it with Ellie-Bear…and they both always have bedhead.


Hannah is already dressed and busy, but the rest of the crew is a little slower. Because we have all been exhausted from the move, the time change, and the late concerts this week, I let them sleep in. Since one sleeps on the table that transforms into a bed, I don’t let them sleep in too long. Get up!


A sloooowwww morning. (slow mornings are hard on morning people.) There was a neighborhood-wide power outage which was not our doing. Steve is making his coffee on the gas stove in a kettle. Well, he’s actually playing with Emily, but…close enough. Rebecca is trying to decide if her outfit meets her fashionable standards, which it does after she untucks the shirt.

Ellie has decided on her favorite outfit.


Breakfast. Scrambled eggs thanks to Hannah.


Breakfast dishes in the church’s kitchen and…

…teeth-brushing protocol in the church’s bathroom. Thanks church!


We already had our group Bible reading and Spanish lessons. Spanish is this tour’s educational priority. Here the kids are chatting en español, no English allowed.


Lunch dishes. We must have eaten lunch. I wonder what it was.


Steve came home with a new garbage can from Camping World. It has a lid because someone in the family likes to explore the garbage can. This should keep me the baby out. Eliana is helping him assemble it. The kids love helping Daddy.

Strange things happen to us. A couple days prior to this, I turned the water on and the spigot exploded in two places, shooting water sideways. So, naturally, Mr.Fix-it fixed it. Marissa helped.

2-ish and 3-ish 

Rebecca is mothering her baby while Elijah does his math. Doesn’t he look like a Vulcan when he is focused. Live long and prosper. This is the couch that jackknifes into a bed for these two little ones.

Marissa and Emily are working on their math at the dinette, which collapses down into a bed for Emily.

Hannah is on the computer she bought herself. She is working on another book. Elisabeth is doing her math on the lower bunk which she shares with Marissa.

This is how Ellie-Bear does math. This is also my cue to get to work on The Simple Homemaker, but usually I end up helping with math, listening to readings, or teaching a lesson.


My wascally wabbits heading to the playset at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona. We stayed in their parking lot for a few days and Steve gave three worship concerts and a teen concert. Great people, nice place!

I like this picture, so you get two 4-ish pictures. You’re welcome.


Eliana playing “chicken” by walking through all the swings.

And a couple o’ monkeys from our barrel o’ monkeys.


It gets chilly fast when the sun sets in the desert.

Still 6-ish

Picking grapefruits. I love touring the southern and coastal states, because they always have fruit trees and other treats for us! We love fresh produce!



Elisabeth is in the background making pancakes for dinner. Steve just showed up with clean clothes from the laundromat (Thanks, Babe!), so the rest of us are folding, except Elijah who is conspicuously absent.


A very late dinner, because we try not to start one activity (eating) until the previous task is complete (laundry folding). There’s no room for multi-tasking in a trailer…unless it involves a dictionary. Someone always has a dictionary or a Spanish/English dictionary out.


We had a surprise visit from a toothless superhero who joined us for movie night!


The last few moments of movie night, Ice Age the Meltdown…and popcorn. Ellie is already asleep, and I follow her lead as soon as this last shot is taken. This mama’s a mere mortal, after all.

That was our day…sort of. I know we did dishes and brushed teeth and opened books and folded laundry and played at the playset and snuggled babies more than this shows, but overall, that is how one typically atypical day in the life of The Travel Bags unfolded.

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  1. I LOVE it!!! You’re making me want to have 4 more children and move into a trailer! What fun!!!

    1. Go for it! 🙂

  2. Jonathon

    Ooooo family! It’s like I’m RIGHT THERE…but with more room.

    1. If you can scratch your nose without putting an elbow in someone’s eye, you have more room. 🙂

  3. Tammy

    This sounds like so much fun that I want to go out and buy a trailer and follow you!! No, really. What a wonderful way to learn about life. You guys rock!! We cannot wait to have you come our way. Hugs and love to you all!

    1. They definitely learn about life! 🙂 Love back!

  4. Everyone looks so happy in all of your pictures! I can feel the love coming through the computer. It is beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing your day!

    1. Thanks, Rebekah, and thanks for hosting the link-up. It was fun!

  5. Dominic

    Looks fun, but I don’t know if I’d last a week! 😀

    1. No, Dominic, you wouldn’t last a week. Ha ha! That’s okay, ‘cuz we wouldn’t last a week in your life either. 😉

  6. Jeni

    How do you guys keep the little ones entertained when driving? We are driving from Ohio to Florida this winter in a midsize SUV, my girls will be 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Any ideas?

  7. (boy boy) Elijah

    That was a fun day. :))

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