A Roadschooling Field Trip – Montezuma’s Castle and Well

This is just one way roadschoolers learn without opening their textbooks. Some people call it a field trip. We call it life.

Up in Sedona there are cliff dwellings. The site we visited was called Montezuma’s Castle, although the name Montezuma has nothing to do with the person Montezuma. The name was 1800s hype.

This is the inappropriately named Montezuma’s Castle:

See, we really were there, class clowns and all.

See, we really did learn stuff…and everything.

(Okay, so this was an obviously posed re-enactment of the family learning stuff…and everything.)

Check out this gorgeous sycamore bark!

How do we know these are sycamores? We read the signs. Reading–it’s a popular homeschooling method.

Sisters hiking.

Montezuma’s Well was our second “field trip” of the day. This place was amazing! We only had 32 minutes to rush in, skim signs, and rush out. Had we only known!

This is a natural well. I’d tell you more, but, uhhh, that whole 32-minute thing left a few unanswered questions, like if someone falls in, do they get sucked away forever. We may never know.

Look at the cliff dwellings!

Knock knock. Who’s there? Cliff. Cliff who? Cliff dwellings! Ha haaaaa!

Do you hear the angels singing? (They’re actually laughing at the knock-knock joke.)

Hiking on down to Montezuma’s Well…also poorly named, since Montezuma had nothing to do with this place. He was never even here.

Quick, everybody smile! One…two…good enough! Let’s go!

Annnnnnd running back up from Montezuma’s Well on the other side.

We love Montezuma’s Well! And it loves us.

I don’t think we roadschoolers are doing too badly on our education…compared to, I dunno, some other people.

We still don’t know why nobody wants to rnet this place.

No Travel Bags post is complete without a baby picture, so here’s Eliana kicking back after a hard day of not hiking.

Roadschooling field trip. Love it!




  1. Sweet !
    looked like good time
    Kinda looked like devils punchbowl with
    the spiral
    I think that’s in Arizona too
    As always safe travels

    1. I don’t think we’ve ever been to Devil’s Punchbowl. I’ll have to check our National Parks passports.

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