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We are The Travel Bags: Marissa, Hannah, Emily, Eliana, Rebecca, Christy, Elijah, Elisabeth, Stephen

Welcome aboard! I was going to describe us in a series of haikus, but, gee, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? I’ll stick to prose and leave the poetry to the kids.

We are The Travel Bags, a roadschooling family of ten plus a cat, traveling the beautiful USA (and the ugly parts, too) on our Christian music mission which you can learn about at Stephen Bautista Music.

We share the Gospel of Christ at events, concerts, and worship services throughout the country. Technically, only four of us get on stage, but the rest of us work hard to keep things going in the background, and are busy with important things like cooking and learning to read, as well as unimportant things, like mastering algebra.

We are in our sixth year as full-time traveling music missionaries and are blessed to be serving God in this capacity while exploring His remarkable creation. We are living testimonies of the grace and providence of a sovereign God.

What will you find here? Three things:

  1. This site is a great big travel journal, documenting our adventures, sharing our ups and downs, and even providing a few historical and scientific lessons along the way.
  2. It also serves as a question and answer board for people who want to know about our mission and nomadic lifestyles, for those who have general RVing, roadschooling, or large-nomadic-family questions, or for the large percentage of you who wonder if we’ve lost our marbles.
  3. Finally, it offers tips, resources, and reviews for the many of you who say we are living your dream and want to know what to do to get started, with a healthy dose of reality mixed in. Wink.

A good place to start would be with our interactive map.  There you can get an overview of where we’ve been on our ongoing adventure.


All glory to God!

The Travel Bags

The Travel Bags at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming…or it could be some other family. We’re so tiny, you’d never know!


  1. Cheyenne Gill

    Our daughter, Keilah, who is 9 years old would like Elisabeth (we think we got the right name based on your photo 🙂 to know that she, too, has the same “group hug” shirt & thought it would be cool if you both wore them with jeans and gym shoes on the same day.

    That’s all! 🙂

    The Gills

    1. Awesome! Name the date. 🙂

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