April Churches and Mission Venues

We were more than a little surprised to hear from people how much they enjoy seeing the variety of churches where we sing. Many people say they have been in the same church for years, decades, or even a whole lifetime, so they like it when we share our performance pictures and give them a glimpse into other worship venues.

We aim to please, which is why we put extra whipped cream on every slice of pie. That’s also why we’ve decided to share round-ups of each month’s performance venues. Now, you know we can be flakey sometimes, which means we do forget to take pictures or the shots we snag just plain stink. If that means we missed your church, we’re sorry! Please send a picture and we’ll stick it in.

Here are April’s concert and worship service venues:

Grace in Sahuarita, Arizona (April 2) is the church where Steve may well have had pneumonia. Good times. Grace holds services in a house on a charming old ranch property.We should have taken more pictures, but, again, we were trying to keep body and soul together–breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out. Elijah did get a penpal, though. I hope we didn’t get him sick.

This is the church where we didn’t die.

Trinity in El Paso, Texas (April 5) has, dare I say it, an excellent outdoor balcony balcony for sliding down two full flights of stairs. Ssssshhhh. Also, Pastor Caauwe teaches Latin to local homeschoolers, so if you’re a classical homeschooler in El Paso, get in touch! They fed us a potluck which included some ridiculously good brownies. Pastor made lifelong friends with the kids by giving them books. Smart move, Pastor! Grin. Again, not enough pictures because some of us were still not emerging from the trailer and the rest, well, the banister…

Cross of Christ in Las Cruces, New Mexico (April 8-9) shared some of the most amazing church food we’ve had in…ever! And they didn’t do it just because we were there. They feed their people the Word and a feast every Sunday and some other days, too! They also sent us off with a bag full of goodies from New Mexico–as you know, trying local fare is one of our favorite traveling perks. We’re still full. I guess it’s appropriate, since they meet in an old restaurant. (Sorry, taking a picture of the food was an afterthought–eating it was a priority.)

This is one of those friendly churches that it’s hard to leave. We camped in the driveway of an incredible couple, Allan and Julie and their son (plus two dogs and a snake), while we were there for our concert and worship service. Definitely good memories, but now Eliana wants a snake.

Gethsemane in Corpus Christi, Texas (April 14, 16) is a great name for the church where we spent Holy Week. We sang there Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We were spoiled there, too, by a member named Dave and his wife Trude, who treated us to local pizza, Texas barbecue, and seafood. I know! 

This is the second Easter we’ve spent at Gethsemane. We remember it well, because the ladies come out in full fashion with their Easter bonnets. Also, we love Pastor Krause and his wife, Charlotte. They had us over for dinner on Easter with their son and dogs as well, and sent us home with a bag of limes from their trees and a killer keylime pie recipe which Elijah recreated.

Our Savior in San Antonio, Texas (April 23) is a new-to-us church. Perhaps the single most exciting thing about this church for Eb was the up-down machine (that’s not it’s real name) that a painter was using to repaint after severe hail damage to the church. The interior of Our Savior is gorgeous. We were there for a church service. We met up with an old friend from Las Vegas here, which was just wonderful!

Cross of Christ in Universal City, Texas (April 27) is another favorite church. It feels a little like going home when we arrive here. Pastor Schneider is a great guy with seven kids of his own, and our kids think their old playground is fantastic! Seriously, though, I think we only go here because of their well-stocked Keurig.

Redeemer in Edna, Texas (April 30) is one of the churches that sticks in our memory, most likely because of Pastor Schroer and his family. The congregation is very friendly and welcoming, and many of them speak Spanish, which is probably why they have a Spanish service after the English service–duh. This is where we timidly test our Spanish skills and recommit to learning the language for crying out Pete’s sake! We also met the vicar, who is a great guy, too, with some mean hymn-playing skills.  This church feels like home to us.

That’s it–that was April. It was a fun month in Texas and New Mexico–we met some truly amazing people, rekindled some old friendships, sang our hearts out, didn’t die of pneumonia, and enjoyed a little rest and relaxation. Good times. Good times.

Hey, maybe next month we’ll pay attention to this new monthly feature and get some decent photos for you…but probably not.

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