Our August Churches and Mission Venues

August was spent entirely in Wisconsin and Minnesota. As football season was revving up, we felt the tensions, but that didn’t stop Judah from wearing his Packer shirt with pride regardless of the state lines we crossed.

I can always tell when we’ve been in Wisconsin (and a few other similarly passionate states) during football season, because I start to talk about football, and that is not what we’re about. The real excitement in visiting churches in the midwest is not the football camaraderie. It’s the beautiful buildings and shared faith that we encounter so often here.

Still, you’re not going to see many cathedrals in these posts. Most of the Sunday services we had lately were outdoors. Midwesterners take advantage of outdoor weather when they can get it! Can’t say we blame them.

As always, if you have pictures from an event that you would like us to post on our blog or social media, send them in! We’ll credit you however you’d like.

Here are August’s concerts and worship services:

St. John St. Peter in Cleveland, Wisconsin, (August 6) is a church we never forget because of its name. It was two congregations that merged, so they kept both names. It’s also memorable because that was only the second time Stephen sand on a flatbed. The first time was barreling down the highway during a parade in Pahrump, Nevada, where parades move quite fast.

The flatbed–the entire service, in fact–was in a festive outdoor tent. We commuted from over an hour away for this early morning service, so the littles are having a yogurt and freeze-dried fruit breakfast on a flatbed, which was a pretty fun dining experience for them.

Doesn’t that give you a circusy feeling? No clowns, though. Only Truth in that tent!

St. Paul’s in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, (August 10, 13) was one of those churches that radiates joy and friendliness. If I weren’t a Christian, those people would make me want to be one!

This church has cathedral status–just look at it!

We were pretty busy in Fort Atkinson, the small town with big heart, so it gets a post all its own right here. You have to go here to see the amazing windows at a neighboring church, Bethany Lutheran, which my mom designed. Amazing! Okay, fine, here’s a sneak peek.

That’s Hannah immortalized in stained glass (overlay, actually).

Mere mortals with cellphones cannot get the entire window wall in a single photo. Go to her website to see better pictures, or go to Fort Atkinson!

Okay off to Minnesota!

We’ve been to St. John’s in Red Wing, Minnesota, (August 20, 21) before, but this time was different and extra fun, because we camped on a corn farm. You can see a video about that right here.

The first service we participate in was held on the green which is located in the center of several churches. It was explained to us that the churches were all built in a central location so the ladies could be dropped off at their churches and the horses and carriages could be held at the ready in the green…or something like that. Quite charming, that.

Take a peek:

That’s a secret to getting your kids to sit still during church. (In reality, it’s a big brother prank. See, our kids are real, too.)

Monday’s post-eclipse service was held in the sanctuary.

That guy slept through the entire service.

Guess who found the camera.

Salem Lutheran in Stillwater, Minnesota, (August 26, 27) was an interesting experience, mostly because of the vomiting child and Christy (me) getting stuck outside the trailer in the middle of the night standing in a pool of water in her PJs, getting electrocuted every time she touched the trailer door. I should have paid closer attention in science class.

Here are some pictures–not of me in my PJs getting electrocuted. You’re welcome for that.

Here is us rolling in. Here is us? Did I just say, “Here is us?!” Good grief. I should have my head examined. Here we are rolling in:

You know, that’s a rare picture, because normally the photographer is inside the vehicle. Not sure how that out-of-van experience happened.

There was a large green area at the church, which we took advantage of with some wickedly vigorous and rather dangerous large group badminton, but then it rained every day, so we took advantage of some equally good Sherlock Holmes episodes (featuring Jeremy Brett, of course) instead.

Tuppence could not figure out how to escape, and was a trifle annoyed by that:

Humans–1, Cat–2783. We should just quit and accept that felines dominate the world. Moving on.

I couldn’t resist tossing this sweet picture of Judah claiming his daddy while we were in Stillwater. Precious moments.

Cross of Christ in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, (August 31, September 3) has the best piano we’ve ever encountered, so says Hannah our pianist. Hannah insists we can fit one into our trailer. What do you think?

No picture of the piano, because we have piano envy and spend the time we are not at Cross of Christ trying not to think of that piano as we dink away on our 65-key electronic keyboard.

Anyway, here’s the church and the lovely people there–a friendly church indeed!

We were invited to use the parsonage while we were there, too, which was pretty epically exciting to us–dishwasher, stove, oven, laundry machines, showers…

May I repeat laundry machines! Woo hoo! (Laundry machines!)

And an oven so this could happen:

And a tree so this could happen:

And plenty of space to spread out for school so this could happen, all scrunched up in a tiny ball:

That’s August! If you have any pictures you want to add, send them to us. Thank you to all the churches who hosted us during the month, and to everyone who supported our music mission. If you want to support us either directly or indirectly (like shopping through our Amazon and Walmart links), find out how right here. Thank you again!

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