Breaking the Myth: When Your Homeschool Child Is Average

“Your kids must be geniuses!”

It’s a common response when people learn we homeschool (or roadschool, in our case). They think that because we’ve chosen to forego the common educational route, either our kids have special needs or they are or will become highly above average—genius, if you will.

Let’s annihilate the myth (a.k.a. unrealistic expectation) that all homeschooled students are on one end or the other of the educational bell curve. I’m not going to quote statistics or get all sciencey on you. Rather, I offer a realistic (and refreshing) perspective on the fact that the majority of homeschooled children are…wait for it…average. And that’s okay.

Let’s talk about average homeschoolers.

Join me over at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew where I was invited to annihilate the homeschool myth that all homeschool kids are special needs or waaaaaay above average. 

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