Cheeseball Machine Inventors

Meet the Kant girls–Amanda and Caleigh!

These two remarkable girls invented and built a cheeseball machine. Insert five cents and it dispenses five cheeseballs. Genius!

Northern California

There’s only one thing about the whole cheeseball machine experience that I love even more than the fact that these two resourceful girls took the initiative to invent and build a cheeseball machine that works.

Northern California

And that is the fact that these two ingenious entrepreneurs brought the cheeseball machine into a roomful of people to “test it” at five cents a pop. Captive audience, ready market, instant profit. Brilliant!

Northern California

How’s that for homeschool ingenuity and smart business sense! If the whole cheeseball machine craze goes viral, we can say we knew them when the machine was just a prototype! We should have gotten their autographs.


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