Corks Come from Cork Trees. Duh!

As “roadschoolers,” we are always on the lookout for educational opportunities, so we jumped at the free tour of the Korbel winery (or is it a champagnery?).


I’m not going to tell you what we learned…except for this quote from our tour guide.

“Of course, everybody knows that corks come from cork trees.”

Northern California

Um. I didn’t know that. Did you?


Oh, and the other thing the kiddos said they learned:

Daddy does not like champagne.


Seriously, did you know corks come from cork trees?



  1. Karen

    There are not cork trees!! Are there? Crazy tour guide lady…how many free samples does she get as a job perk?

    1. Seriously! There are! We looked it up, and if you read it online AND hear it from a tipsy tour guide, it must be true.

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