Cultivating Art Talent on a Budget

Our 20-year-old daughter Marissa Renée is a professional portrait artist who never took a “real” art class in her life. Part of her success is sheer determination, part is remarkable talent, and part is the art experiences of her youth. Many of you have seen Marissa’s art either on display at our events or online. Many of you have also introduced your children to us with the words, “He wants to be an artist when he grows up.”

To spark some ideas if your own artist is budding and your budget isn’t, I’ll take you on our children’s art journey.


Marissa is a very determined artist. From little on she has worked hard on her craft. She takes criticism well, is eager to learn, and is patient with her pencil. She also has a large amount of natural ability and takes the time to study lines on faces. As she says, it’s more about seeing lines than getting them down on paper—observe, observe, observe.

Join me over at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew where I was invited to mosey down our art path with their readers. 

To order a custom portrait or to get a print (coming soon), please visit Marissa’s art website, The Art of Marissa Renée.


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