Devil’s Tower

We were thrilled to be driving through Wyoming so we could revisit one of our favorite national monuments, Devil’s Tower.


It looks even better in real life than it looks through a camera lens, a van windshield, and 1000 miles of bug guts.


Isn’t she a beaut?! And a butte!


A beaut of a butte!


Outwardly you’re groaning, but secretly you’re wishing you came up with that, aren’t ya! ‘Fess up.

Here’s Steve using our National Parks Pass to save us the entrance fee, which is great, because then maybe we can use that extra money to buy a camera that works properly. Hello, camera! Eyes open next time!


But more likely we’ll just keep turning that extra money over to the grocery store.


The last time we were at Devil’s Tower, Rebecca was five weeks old. Now she’s five years old! She doesn’t need her mama anymore. Sigh.

Hey, five-year-old, you’re going the wrong way!


That’s better.


I guess she’s not all grown up after all.

We had half a ton of pictures of Devil’s Tower, but they all went the way of the Dodo bird. That’s happening quite a bit lately. Argh! But here’s one that survived the great extinction:


That’s us in the front and the tower in the back, just so you know.

A beaut of a butte!

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