Easy Grammar Systems 11th Grade {Review}

Easy Grammar Systems provided us with a copy of Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 Test Booklet in exchange for this review.

We used the program for our daughter Emily Rose the summer before her 11th grade year. She has been using it for almost five weeks.

So you can assess whether Emily has not had extensive formal grammar training because she has not needed it. She speaks and writes clearly. She hears proper grammar most of the time, and she reads high quality literature. She did take a great short diagramming course a year ago and a one-year language arts course that “is horrible,” but, apart from my explanations and corrections as things come up, that has been the majority of her formal grammar training.

Is this a complete grammar program?

The program comes with a teacher’s guide with 180 short daily lessons. The lessons are meant to be copied for the student, but I’m just using a composition notebook because we don’t have access to a copy machine.

Does it require a teacher?

It works not being formally taught so far, as long as you do have a teacher to ask things you don’t understand.

Can you please describe a typical lesson?

The lessons are usually divided into five parts. So far, the first one is always capitalization. Then punctuation. Then usually parts of speech and phrases. And the last one is sentence combining, which is kind of weird because sometimes you can just add “and.”

Do you think this has helped you at all so far or, looking ahead, will help you as you progress through the rest of the book?

Yes. (Grin.)

Have you found it difficult at all?

Not yet, but I’m only four weeks into it. There are some things I made mistakes on.

Please tell us about the test booklet that is part of the set.

The test booklet is an assessment book that you do every ten days. There are 18 assessments. I did one and I was prepared. It was easy because it was a summary of what you learned in the previous ten days. You can’t really forget that fast…in only two weeks.

For what should you be prepared by the end of the course?

You should have good grammar! You should know how to properly capitalize and punctuate everything. The sentence combining helps you learn how to vary sentences in your writing.

What students do you think would benefit from Easy Grammar?

It’s a good course for anyone who doesn’t know anything, and also as a review for someone who has already had training. But if they know everything already, I guess it would be kind of annoying.

For college prep students, it would definitely be fast. They could do more than one lesson a day.

Are you enjoying the course?

It includes a lot of historical, scientific, and interesting facts, which I like. I also appreciate that it’s quick.

How has it benefited you.

I probably have the most trouble with my commas–they’re kind of maniacal. This program breaks the sentences up so I can see where the commas belong. It has a punctuation section which addresses commas, and it also has the phrases section, which has commas.

How did you use it, Emily Rose?

I did a lesson a day four days a week, followed by an assessment. Each lesson probably took me less than ten minutes. But I didn’t do it with a teacher. I taught myself from what they were saying. That works well for me, since I’m fine with asking if I need help. I only needed to ask for help a couple times.

There’s an answer key in the back of the book. I checked my own work, and then figured out what I did wrong from there, if anything.

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