Eleven People, 250 Square Feet. Is It Worth It? {Video}

As of this writing, we are in our eighth year of full-time RVing with our Christian music mission. There are eleven of us plus a cat and dog living in roughly 250 square feet (some day we’ll actually measure). If you’re into doing a little head math, that s less than 25 square feet per person, and that’s including things like the bathtub, counters, the sofa, and the toilet. Plus there’s a cat, and we all know cats rule the world.

Often people say we need to let our kids out of their cage or that we must go stir-crazy or that we need to get a real house. They say that we’re missing out. They ask if living the way we live is really worth the sacrifices.

Rest assured that whatever reason for not living this lifestyle you can come up with, we have already thought up. This is something we talk about quite a bit, reassessing our life course and the affect it has on our children. We evaluate the options and pray about the direction we’re rolling, asking for clear guidance from God.

Ultimately, there are benefits to a house, and there are benefits to life on the road. As far as whether or not it’s worth it…

You decide.

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