Exploring the Monolith Garden Trail – Kingman, AZ

We’ve gone through Kingman, Arizona many times over the past few years. And every time we’ve passed through, I have noticed the intriguing rock formations just off the highway. As an avid hiker, I always thought it would be cool to explore those formations. Yesterday we finally got the opportunity to do just that. After doing some asking around, we discovered that there is a popular trail that goes through those formations. It’s called the Monolith Garden Trail and according to one online Arizona hiking guide, it’s considered one of the top-ten trails in Arizona. As such, my five oldest kids and I set off to finally explore the alluring landscaping just outside of Kingman.

Located just off of highway 93 in Kingman, the Monolith Garden Trail is a 6.8 me loop that meanders through spectacular rock formations and a diverse array of desert flora. The trail is rated moderate with a total elevation gain of 656 feet and is very doable even for families with younger children (who enjoy hiking).

We thoroughly enjoyed the hike and the beautiful rock formations that surround the trail, and highly recommend it as a great way to experience the best of the Mohave Desert. One caution however…the trail has little shade and can get very hot under the Arizona sun. It was only 84 degrees when we hiked (not very hot by Arizona standards), but the sun felt rather intense at times, so make sure you take plenty of water!

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