Favorite Photos from April

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This is a random collection of some of our favorite photos from April that didn’t fit into any other posts, but that we want to remember for our own selves. If you’re interested in more (and better) photos with pithier captions, we share a few a day on Instagram and a couple a day on Facebook.

(I don’t know why I put the captions before the picture instead of after, but I didn’t notice until I was finished, and it takes less time to admit I’m a goofball than it does to change it on this entire post, so…I’m a goofball.)

Elijah, Rebecca, Eliana, and Judah. They can’t smile in this picture, because they’re in “college.” I don’t know why or when Eliana started calling prison “college,” but it stuck.

If you ever hear Judah hollering “POP POP BOOM BOOM COCKADOODLEDOOOOO!” in church, it’s because someone told him to whisper. In this book, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, Mr. Brown whispers, and then he–you guessed it–pops and booms and doodledoos really loudly…but probably not in church.

Working on his answer to the question everyone asks him, “How old are you?” We’re skipping one and going right to two, because by the time he figures it out, he will be two.

He was a sick baby and all he wanted to do was snuggle, but we had full showers at an RV park, so he had to wait for his snuggles.

Smoothies for the sickies.

Don’t talk to me, Emily. I’m reading.

Eb’s working on the finances…getting a little educated. (Thanks to Uncle Jonathon and Aunt Emily for Arts & Numbers!)

Judah (Eb) in his church garb. He’s some sort of unique cross between Ol’ Blue Eyes Sinatra and Sheriff Andy Taylor. Also, he might be eating a booger and he dipped his sleeve in tomato sauce. #reallife

I love this picture, so here it is.

Pastor Caauwe at Trinity in El Paso gave us a bunch of books, which kept this girl happy all month. (Read BFG before you watch the movie!)

This is a five-year-old girl holding a snake in Las Cruces, New Mexico. You can read more about that right here.

We were at an RV park when these two knights sensed danger. Judah has a wooden sword known as The Dragon Slayer, and Elijah has his bow.

They found and slew their dragon, and the trailer is safe once again.


Steve was sicker than a sick thing, so we had to pull over on a drive so he could take a nap. These three made the most of it and enjoyed the rest stop, because rest stops in Texas are fun!

Snuggles with her brother before she heads out on an airplane for another adventure. Sniff sniff.

She’s saving us from the fruit flies.

Ellie’s half birthday is only 47 days away. That demands a huge paper chain stretching the length of our home.

The ants in Corpus Christi were fascinating.

When you take the boys to Walmart, one obsesses over Legos…

and the other Duplos. Boys!

These two boiled eggs for Easter. I still don’t understand why that required an umbrella.

Family photos in the real world.

I caught them heading into church looking all coordinated.

Pastor Krause loaned Eb this train. I’m not even going to tell you the insanity that resulted, but I will tell you that this kid likes wheels.

Marissa is in a cat-imposed time out. Every time she tries to move from this spot, Tuppence attacks her. (That is a paper towel, not toilet paper on the floor. I felt compelled to say that, because even though the trailer is a mess again, at least there isn’t any toilet paper on the floor.)

Oh, maybe this is why Tuppence was attacking.

Elijah’s mosaics. Note to boy: use a solid background next time.

Marissa and ET.

Sad day:

No more marshmallows. Her mean mommy won’t buy more, because “We don’t eat marshmallows!” That is obviously a fallacy, and Daddy is a softie for this face and an empty bag of marshmallows. (But seriously, we hardly ever eat marshmallows!)

Marissa is studying for business law, aced it, and now has 63 college credits. More on that later.

The many faces of Emily Rose.

Remember the limes from Easter? This is the lime pie Elijah made from the recipe given him by Char Krause. Oh my!

Elisabeth (Bean) just found out we have to wait several hours for the pies to set. (We didn’t wait.)

Now, of course, we have to have a bake-off between Char’s recipe and our old stand-by. It’s what we do. But first, we need to eat this one!

There’s no such thing as too many pie pictures!

He just figured out how keys work. That slows life down a little.

San Antonio, waiting for Sunday School. I love these sweet moments.

Here are a few glimpses of a normal day:

Marissa finished an art commission and is shipping it off to Nevada.

Emily is being the Wonder that she is!

Bean is feeding Tuppence so Tuppence doesn’t eat us…because Tuppence would totally eat us.

And Judah is taking the rare nap.

This is the art commission that Marissa just finished.

And it’s outta here!

(Follow Marissa’s art business on Facebook or on Instagram, or email us to find out how to order your own commission. Website coming soon.)

The library in San Antonio had a PURPLE sombrero, which meant we had to take a picture.

They also had a story time. (Speaking of story times, the best one is in Edna–go! No camera that day, so no pictures, but it’s still the best.)

The library also had a science class for Elijah and Rebecca where a kid spilled pink dye all over Elijah’s brand new shorts. Elijah was mortified by the pink. We soaked them for three days in Oxi-Clean until they achieved a dingy grey, which Elijah is totally fine with.

Can we all ignore the handwriting and errors and just take a moment to appreciate how sweet this card is!

Sometimes you have to lock the kids out. (Actually, he did that himself, and the door’s not even locked, and he can totally open it, so go away, Social Services!)

Speaking of pink, Steve knows how to make that pink Minnie Mouse ukulele sing!

Yes, Ellie is autographing someone’s knee. Don’t ask. We don’t.

We finally ate the salsa from Cross of Christ in Las Cruces–so good! We love local treats!

Language arts, ukulele practice, and algebra. Be still my homeschool mama heart!

Our current history program (Drive-Thru History: The Gospels) is on DVD, so this is what Elijah looks like “doing school.” It’s a rough life.

This is what Marissa looks like “doing school.”

She just tested for her business law credits, so now she has 63 credits down, 57 to go.

Texas is hot!

John was in San Antonio and looked us up and spoiled us rotten! 

It’s so nice to see friends on the road. Thank you, John!

Little workers helping with the levelers.

Another sweet moment with these two blue-eyed Bags.

Dueling strings. This got pretty aggressive. Ha ha! We have video footage of this epic battle.

These three are slicing mushrooms. I buy the unsliced and save 20 cents, and whoever slices them gets to split the difference with me. So they each earned 10 cents.

Our little soccer cheaters.

Playing Life with Pastor and his wonderful kids! Thanks for making us feel at home!

So, it’s true. We did practically move into the fellowship hall in Edna. What can we say? They had puzzles!

We close out the month with this original artwork by Eliana (although Rebecca would say it is not original, because Ellie copied Becca, which is true, but if we’re going to be entirely honest, Rebecca copied hers from a book of poetry, so there. See–our kids fight, too.). Where was I? Oh yes, an illustration of “The Swing,” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

And my favorite picture of the month:

Thank you for joining us for April with The Travel Bags! We love you guys!

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