Fun in San Antonio, Texas

We visited Cross of Christ in Universal City and explored the area from there. Of course, Rebecca made a fellow tree-loving friend.


Eliana found someone her own size to (not) play with, and Steve found a coffee buddy.


Of course, Jedi brings his best buds with him everywhere he goes. Gentle giant.


We took a little time to fix the Bagabus, which we broke,


and this bus, which we didn’t break.


We had a little fun at a local park. The kids played while Steve recorded some scratch vocals in the van. Yup, the glamorous life of a Nashville recording artist! Then we all went exploring.


When we are in San Antonio, we have to visit The Alamo. Love it! First we sauntered along the river walk.


This is a huge mosaic…or very tiny children.


And this is…a great big…blob of crystal.


We enjoyed a special treat, lunch on the river walk, where we were serenaded by a mariachi band.


What does our boy order at a Mexican restaurant? Good grief!


Best of all, the Alamo! Unfortunately, the entire state of Texas seemed to have been there on the same day. The letter from _______ requesting assistance was on display for one week only, coincidentally while we were there. As much as we love history, it was super hot, the lines were super long, and we were super sure we weren’t going to survive that unfortunate combination, so we explored the rest of the mission and skipped the main building and the letter. After all, we’ve been there and done that…and we could see the letter online. Wink.


Yup, a hot Texas adventure can wear a person out!


One last thought:

Remember the Alamo! Remember everyone who fought for our country’s freedom, and do your part to keep it free for our children and their children.


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