Fun with Friends in Arizona

Look at these two girls!


You’d hardly believe they were 40! You’d hardly believe that between them they take care of 10 children and two husbands! (Who wrote this? Whoever you are, Christy loves ya!)


Johannah and Christy were basketball rivals in grade school and then attended the same high school. They haven’t seen each other since way back in…ohhhh…let’s not count that far. Let’s just say that it was wonderful to get to know each other as adults.

And it was great to meet these three…and their little friend.


Pastor and Johannah’s trio of children are really great kids. Seriously great kids!

And this little cutie…

…shared this fun trend with our kids:

Who wants to spend the fleeting years pairing socks anyway?

By the way, Johannah makes amazing tacos and fantastic muffins, so if she ever invites you to dinner or breakfast, take her up on it.



We camped out in their church parking lot for a few days while we hiked Sedona, and we had a terrific evening concert at their church. What a warm, welcoming group of people!


If that parking lot looks familiar to you, it’s because that’s where Steve didn’t get arrested.

And the obligatory baby pictures, this time at Peace’s playset, conveniently located in the Bagabus’ backyard:

Can someone help me please?




Thank you. Uh, now what?


Thanks Pastor and Johannah and family! You’re wonderful!


  1. Ruth Dowling

    Great post, Christy. Hi, Johannah. You both look decades younger than 40. 🙂

    1. Ah-ha! So YOU wrote this post! LOVE YOU! 🙂

  2. Omg the socks I would like the yellow pink orange wait

    Make it the green.n white ones no no the multi stripped NO

    Heck make it all of them!

    Love it you guys..;-)

    Safe travels!

    When are u coming back to pahrump and do you have plans for California

    There’s a fishing derby April 15 16 17 let’s go catch fish

    And there’s a 40,000 dollar one all the way to 100 ones

    Its fun!


    1. We had two California tours last year, so I’m not sure when we’ll be back there. As for Pahrump, those are by-gone days. We will pop in to pick up our piano and such when we have a place to put it, and that’s about it.

  3. Martha(Marty) Schmidt

    I enjoy reading about your family and your travels. God be with you

    1. Thank you! God has definitely blessed us, but He is also teaching us patience and perseverance along the way.

  4. Hi Travel bags !
    Have you settled anywhere yet? Where it feels like home?
    We got our prequal letter for our walking papers Thank God!
    Have you been praying for our escape ? Lol
    If so thanks!
    Are you going to settle or continue wild adventures ?
    Safe Travels,
    Jeff n Terey n our 18 rescue dogs!…;-D

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