Girls’ Day(s) In

Steve and Elijah had a Guys Day Out which involved eating New York style pizza and buying repair material for the trailer. This inspired Rebecca.


She missed our previous Girls Day Out on account of preferring to stay at Grandma’s house with the boys and rot their brains on TV and their stomachs on junk food—a tempting offer, admittedly.


She insisted we have a Girls Day–In or Out, she didn’t care. We opted for a Girls Day In. Since we couldn’t get the boys to leave, we sent them to the front bedroom, closed the curtains, and told them, “We love you, but pretend you’re not here!”


Then we watched a girly movie that Becca chose. Normally when we watch a movie, Elijah has roughly 25 questions for every 15 minutes of film, and Stephen has the too-frequent comment, mockery, or unrelated distraction…much like we girls act when the boys are watching football.


So…the following Girls Day In rules were enacted:

  1. The boys were not allowed to comment on the movie at all.
  2. The boys were not allowed to ask any questions (like why is this chicken we’re having for lunch so rubbery or is that character going to be a bad guy or a good guy or is there anything else to eat?
  3. If the girls wish to have a running commentary on a movie, characters, plot, or grammatical errors, the boys were not allowed to holler, “You women!”
  4. The boys were forbidden from making any demands on the girls…at all!
  5. Apart from emergency restroom use, the boys were forbidden from making their needs or presence known for 90 minutes in the middle 1/3 of the trailer, but the other 2/3 was theirs, as well as the entire rest of the planet and solar system.


They failed.


So…we had a second Girls Day In while the boys really were out. We made friendship bracelets and ate chocolate and watched Pride and Prejudice.




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