Go See Daniel Dexter!

In El Paso, Texas, at Christ Our Redeemer, or Cristo Nuestro Redentor, we met some amazing people. I know we say that often, but there are some seriously amazing people out there! We are blessed to be able to get to know them and to work on the same team.


On the Christ Our Redeemer church campus is another facility called Multi-Language Publications.


Inside that facility are several terrific people. One is Pastor Baumler in the center—incredibly welcoming and alive. Another is that little cutie on the right—our Emily Rose. There were others, too, shining their lights, but one in particular that I want to point out to you is the quiet, unassuming man sitting in the chair on your left. His name is Daniel Dexter.

Daniel Dexter memorizes huge portions of Scripture and recites them. I know that sounds boring, but that’s because I didn’t explain it very well.


He doesn’t so much recite Scripture as he brings it to life. Yes, he lives it word for word right there in front of you. It is incredible! Listening to him and watching him, you don’t just hear Scripture, you feel it, you breathe it, you notice things you never noticed before. You will never look at the Bible the same way again, and you will never ever find it dull.

It’s amazing people! Please look him up at Word4WordGospel.com. Get his DVDs. Check out his schedule, and go see him if he’s anywhere remotely near you. (Tell him “hi” from the Bautistas.) If he isn’t near you, contact him to see if you can set something up at your church. So worth it!

And we’re not just saying that because he and his beautiful bride took us out for BBQ!


  1. Karen

    Very cooll! He went to my kids school! Thanks for sharing.

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