Happy Birthday, Emily!

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Happy birthday, Emily!

Every year I insist that she is three, but, can you believe it, she’s nine! She won’t even let me pretend she’s three, the stinker.

The Travel Bags
Emily making her birthday cupcakes.

She was a great sport and spent her birthday at an outdoor concert and church picnic in Nevada where her Daddy sang.

The Travel Bags
The ring toss--she's a natural!

Daddy found a better use for the picnic balloons after the function was over. He gave them a second life as birthday balloons. (That’s the diplomatic way of saying he stole the balloons.)

The Travel Bags
Daddy "repurposing" balloons for the birthday girl.

Nine years old and sweet as can be.

The Travel Bags
Happy birthday, Ems!

Happy birthday! We all love you…and we’re not just saying that because you made those cupcakes for us. Really!



  1. I’m just keeping her for the cupcakes.

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