Hay there! Haying in Wisconsin

I know you all think we’re on vacation 24/7, and I know you think that when we stop on the family farm in Wisconsin, we’re on a vacation from our vacation and are taking long lazy trail rides and picnicking under the pines.

Oh my, no!

We have been baling hay.

I can hear those of you who bale hay groooooaaaaaning, while those of you who think farm life is the idyllic adventure are sighing romantically. Gag.

Haying is work. That’s it. It is satisfying to fill your barn (or your mother’s/grandmother’s/mother-in-law’s barn) with hay for the winter, but it is still hard work.

Not complaining–just informing.

I really have nothing exciting or witty to say about the haying, except that we found around 15 or so snakes in the process.Impressive, eh?

Pictures–you want pictures. Here you go.

Oh, and if you sighed romantically about the hay, you can come and help next year.

No more words. Just pictures.

See–no more words.

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