Homeschoolers of Good Shepherd

Take a look at all these unsocialized homeschool kids!


What’s that they’re doing?


Socializing?! Well, who knew!

And here are those same unsocialized homeschool kids respectfully listening to Stephen Bautista’s lesson about guitars and his music mission100_1269

…enjoying some strumming lessons from the man himself…100_1275

…and joining in on a song during the concert he gave just for them and their parents.


We had a fantastic time hanging out with the homeschool group, sharing our experiences with the parents, and having a mini-concert and homeschool lesson for the children. The kids made some terrific friends!

Thanks for having us!



  1. Tracey

    Thank you for coming to our homeschool play-day! We had a great time visiting with your family and the kids had so much fun playing!

    1. We had fun, too! Thank you!

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