Honeybees and Lasagna in Petaluma

The best business card we have ever seen was for Pastor Jeff Smith in Petaluma. It reads:

Jeff Smith: pastor, honeybee keeper, police chaplain

Northern California

I think it should also say “married to an amazing cook and gracious hostess.”

Jeff’s wife Karen brought a wonderful lasagna to the potluck at Living Word. In fact, Stephen mentioned it no less than three times during his concert there. I think the lasagna was starting to blush.

Northern California

When we stumbled in “weary, worn, and tattered” (to quote a Bautista hit) after the next day’s exploration of the Redwoods and seashore, Karen surprised us with an amazing casserole that we literally gorged ourselves on. (Okay, maybe a certain nursing mother in the family gorged herself a little more than everyone else.)

Northern California

A great meal, a sweet dog named Emma, and a pleasant evening spent with Karen and her son Nathan refreshed us all. And she didn’t let us out the door without a jar of gorgeous honey! Thank you!

Nothern California

A few towns down the road we discovered the casserole recipe tucked under our windshield wiper. Thanks, Karen! We got it! And, uh, we’ll be getting in touch for that lasagna recipe, too…unless that one was tucked under there, too, and escaped.

One more thing…

the honey is fabulous!

Northern California

And, uh, we’re sorry if your next batch tastes a little…off.

Northern California

We did clean up the dog food spill, but this little fella was too quick for us.

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