How We Camp in Church Parking Lots {Video}

If you’ve met us in person, seen us in concert, or chatted with us at a church, you know that we’re, uh, “unique” in the RVing world. We dry camp occasionally, and we hit RV parks and state or national parks about once a week, but normally we’re camped out in a church parking lot.

Many of you have seen our rig set up in your church parking lot and wondered, “How on earth do they camp in church parking lots?”

Oh, lookie here! A video on just that topic. Oh, and, uh, sorry about our humor…and the faces…and our Spanish.

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  1. Norman Nelson

    Any plans to return to the Sacramento area?

    1. Hi Norm! Nice to see you here! We pray you are doing well.

      We will hopefully be back in California next spring. We hope we can see you!

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