How Do Full-Time RVers Get Mail?

People are always asking how we get our mail, and while we sometimes say “Pony Express,” that doesn’t happen very often. The truth is we use a virtual mailbox service for letters. (Scroll down to see how we receive packages.)


Here’s how it works, using a hypothetical letter that you sent to us:

1.) You mail your witty and entertaining letter to this address:

The Bagasao Family
304 S. Jones Blvd. #479
Las Vegas, NV  89107

2) Your letter arrives at that address.

3) The friendly letter guy scans the outside of the envelope and sends us an email that says, “Hey! You’ve got real mail!”

4) We open up our account online and click on one of the three following options:

  1. Shred (Your letter would be shredded unopened–we wouldn’t do that to your
  2. Open and scan the contents (Your letter would be opened and scanned and we would be able to read it right there on the computer. Woo hoo! After reading we then have the choice of shredding or forwarding.)
  3. Forward (Your letter will be bundled with any other items we want to open ourselves and is sent to the address we give them, which, of course, changes almost every time.)

5) The friendly and obedient letter guy does what we asked.

6) When we know we will be at a location where we can easily receive mail, such as when visiting our moms (Hi Moms!), we have a bundle of mail forwarded. We receive our mail bundle (with your letter in it) about once every 4-6 weeks. When I say “bundle,” I mean about 10 or 12 items, usually cards and letters from you people, updates from children we sponsor, and a few medical bills (woo hoo!).

In case you’re wondering, we open, scan, and forward personal letters, unless we’re about to have mail forwarded quickly, in which case we forward without the opening and scanning. So the wonderfully encouraging cards and letters you people send us are read online right away and then eventually end up in our hands to be read again.


Now then, packages are different. Let’s say you want to send us some cherries from Washington or hand-me-down dress shoes from Wisconsin (two packages we recently received with enthusiasm!). This is how that process works:

  1. Check out our events schedule here:
  2. Send the package to a church on the schedule where it will arrive in time. Some people call or email the church or us ahead of time to ask where to send something. Make sure you label it Stephen BAUTISTA, since many of the churches don’t know who we Bagasaos are–imagine that.

Please do not send packages to the letter address. We have to pay fees and shipping costs to have it forwarded.

This post is in no way fishing for letters or packages. It’s simply answering the questions we are asked by family, friends, penpals, churches and missions, people we meet along the way, homeschoolers wanting to pass on a retired curriculum, the amazing woman who made us a quilt, and people with shoes they want to hand down to our fat-footed baby who always seems to be barefoot. Ha!

And to those of you who do send cards and letters, thank you! We appreciate the encouragement (and the cherries) more than you will ever know.

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