Jan, the Pepper Jam Lady

The Travel Bags

One of the joys of our travels is meeting some pretty fantastic people along the way.

Jan, The Pepper Jam Lady is one of those people. (I don’t think “The Pepper Jam Lady” is her given name, but it suits her well.)

The Travel Bags
A new friend Andrew, Jan the Pepper Jam Lady, and three of The Travel Bags

Not only did Jan arrange a gorgeous spread of food after a service in Yorba Linda, California, but she introduced us to her amazing pepper jam.

Pepper jam?!

That’s right! And wow, was it terrific!

We liked it so much that Jan, The Pepper Jam Lady went home and fetched two jars for us to take with us on our travels.

Pepper Jam The Travel Bags
This, friends, is pepper jam! Yum!

When she came back after popping home to feed her hubby, she took the time to give us some quilting pointers, show us her glass fusion projects, give us hope for our colicky baby, and tell us all about her dogs, Antony and Cleopatra.

Not only is Jan generous, but she makes amazing┬ábaklava, fantastic pepper jam (have I mentioned that?), and has been taking classes for over 40 years…and she’s in her 80s!

Jan, we love ya! (And we’re out of pepper jam.)


  1. that was good jam.

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