Kevin Toqe

We were upstairs in the Ghiradelli Square courtyard, looking for a place that wasn’t there. A musician was setting up his Bose system, which happens to be the same system that Stephen Bautista uses. That’s enough to strike up a conversation among musicians, throughout which those of us who don’t know the difference between an augmented chord and a nose job simply smile and nod.

Steve struck up a conversation with the musician, Mr. Kevin Toqe.

northern california 2012

As it turns out Kevin is a Christian musician.

Also as it turns out, Kevin was wondering about whether he could have the large family he dreams of and still pursue his music ministry.

Also as it turns out, Kevin had been praying for encouragement and guidance.

And in steps Stephen Bautista with an enthusiastic “I see you have a Bose; that’s what I use. I’m a Christian musician from Vegas.” And they talk…a lot…and what do you know, that Stephen Bautista is supporting his large family with a music mission.

Prayer answered, Mr. Toqe.

Don’t be surprised, friends. We serve an amazing God.

God’s blessings to you in your ministry, Kevin! May our paths cross again!

Oh, and Kevin, thanks for laughing at the worst joke ever.


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