Goodbye Wisconsin, Hello Chris Driesbach! {Fun Video}

As inevitably happens, the sun went down on our time with family.


We spent a few final moments with loved ones…


and took a last peek at Marissa’s painting…


and one last picture…


before we had to say goodbye. Sniff sniff.


We unburied the trailer and hit the open road. On January 4 we drove from Wisconsin to Lexington, Kentucky.


Trailer livin’ after six weeks in Grandma’s house was surprisingly easy to adjust to. It’s a simple life and we find it easy to adapt in that direction.



But don’t you find it cramped?

Nah, we make it work.


After Lexington, which was unseasonably cold, we made a beeline for Huntsville, Alabama, to the home of our dear friend, the inimitable Chris Driesbach. We parked in front of his house and made ourselves at home in his shower and laundry room. Ha!

Of course, the Driesbach/Bautista jam sessions were the highlight.


Hi Hannah.


The fellas kept the audience mesmerized.


And even received a standing “V” from Emily. It’s like a standing O, but, obviously, different.


We’re weird, but we like each other. I know…random.


Back in the day when Chris was a bachelor and a full-time traveling musician, we used to “run into each other” on the road quite often. Now, as you can tell by his accessories, he is a married man.


We were happy for Chris when he married his sweetheart, but we were sad for ourselves, knowing Chris wouldn’t be stalking us showing up at events anymore. But then we met Cindi. She is such a wonderful lady, that now we are happy for him and we’re happy for us that we can call her friend. Plus, you know, having a dedicated stalker is a little too, I dunno, big time for us humble folks.


This was a fun concert at Chris’ church in Huntsville.


Steve did a duet with Marissa and another with Chris. Of course, I don’t have a single decent picture! That makes me feel blah. Blah blah blah. I’ll get over it.

I’m over it.


I do, however, have this video from Pastor Roebke at Lamb of God. It’s a regular ol’ video from a regular ol’ camera, so keep it mind that both these gentlemen sound much better live. (Elijah, if you’re reading this, “they sound better live” means they sound better when you’re listening to them singing right there with you, not on a video. It doesn’t mean they sound better singing alive than singing dead, although that could be true, also. On second thought, the heavenly choir is probably hard to beat.)

What a wonderful time! What wonderful friends! Steve and Chris are like brothers. Actually, since they share the same heavenly Father, they are brothers. It’s always great to see him.

Lock your doors, Chris and Cindi, ‘cuz we’ll be back! Bwaaa haaa haaaa!

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