Look Who’s Driving!

Before we hit the open road, Hannah took the test to get her learner’s permit. That’s “temps” for you Wisconsinites.


She passed with flying colors, except for one thing:


the application.


This is how it went:

DMV employee reading Hannah’s application (let’s call her Darla Marie Vankemp): Eye color: aqua-marine? Aqua-marine is not an appropriate answer for eye color. What color are your eyes?

Hannah (respectfully): Aqua-Marine.

Darla M.V.: I cannot put aqua-marine on your application. What color are your eyes?

Hannah: What are my options?

Darla: Blue, brown, green, and hazel.

Hannah (with a conciliatory sigh): Blue.

Darla (reading): Hmm…hair, mocha?

She stares at Hannah, picks up her pen, scratches out mocha.

Darla: Hair: brown!

Personally, we think aqua-marine and mocha are more accurate.


Don’t you?


Besides hair and eye color, Hannah only got one other answer wrong, so now she can do this all around the country:


and her mother can do this all around the country:

Don’t talk and drive!

Ten and two!

Check your mirrors!

Did you just blink?! Eyes. on. the. road. every second!


Yee haa!


Well done, Hannah! Well done.


  1. Terey

    Yay Hannah that’s the best feeling being behind the
    wheel course I drive everywhere who needs a plane 😀
    Have fun
    Be safe out there watch the crazy drivers!

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