March Music Mission Events and Churches

Writing this post isn’t going to take half as long as it took to drive between our March events. We began the month in Florida and we ended it in California. What a drive!

We sang at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Navarre, Florida, (March 4), for morning worship. We had met Pastor Born and his beautiful wife Jennifer at a previous church. It’s fun (and sometimes confusing for the ol’ melon) to re-meet people at new places.

We hightailed it out of Florida to our next destination, but we had a leeeeetle incident along the way which you can read about right here.

We made it on time to Trinity Lutheran Church in Abita Springs, Louisiana (March 5). This was a new experience for us. First, the parking–we parked at Pastor’s house, and it was like a scene straight out of The Long Long Trailer {affiliate link} with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz which you have to see if you truly want to understand us.

Next, it was the first time we performed in Louisiana. The event was at an old, old church that was just about the most charming thing you’ve ever seen short of a kitten in a kilt playing the bagpipes…which actually wouldn’t be so much charming as downright odd. Just look at this beautiful building!

And the people were super uberly duper friendly–I mean super friendly! It was a pleasure!

Then we hightailed it across the country (after getting a new tire, of course)…all the way to California.

Grace Lutheran in Yorba Linda, California, (March 17, 18) is where the touring originally began. It was the first place Stephen sang outside of Vegas as Stephen Bautista in 2007. It almost feels like going home!

Steve got to see some old friends and some of his dad’s old friends, which is always a joy.

Oh, and, uh, this next scene took place after church.

That’s March on the road with the Stephen Bautista Music Mission. If you would like to come to one of our events, check out the schedule at


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