Meeting Penpals

When Hannah was first hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohn’s, she received a huge outpouring of support from family and friends, but also from people who only knew of her through the grapevine, specifically our WELS homeschoolers online group, Homenet. One such person was a sweet girl named Liana, who became sort of an informal penpal.

We had the joy of meeting Liana and her family, since her father is the pastor of a church we visited in Texas.

The family gave us a very fun-ducational tour of their rabbit breeding farm. Did we bring a camera? No, so you have to imagine how cute the bunnies were. You also have to imagine the rabbit that was trained to go over jumps. Jumps, people!

I wasn’t entirely camera-inept, so you don’t have to imagine the kids riding the Dorn family’s horse.


You don’t have to imagine these two boys playing football…


until an interception ended the game.


You don’t have to imagine two families finally meeting each other.IMG_6236IMG_6240IMG_6244IMG_6244

Thanks for a great visit, Dorn family! And thank you, Liana, for your friendship to Hannah when she needed it most.

Sorry there is no jumping bunny picture. Pretty neat, that. Maybe next time!

Incidentally, Marissa also met a former penpal while in Texas.

Claire and Marissa:


Good times.

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