More Spaghetti I Say

Guess where we went! I’ll give you one guess.


Hooray, you got it! Good job! (If you guessed anything other than Good Shepherd Lutheran in Livermore, California, just pretend you were joking. It’s the only way to save face.)

This is us enjoying a spaghetti dinner at Pastor and Julie Mueller’s home before Steve’s evening concert. Please notice that we all fit at their table! Fitting at a table is huge for us. We don’t even all fit at our table.


Even better than the table (in the kids’ eyes) were the toys!

This is Bean teaching Eliana how to build towers with blocks.


This is Eliana learning how to knock down blocks—a vital life skill indeed—almost as important as wiping off your chin after you spit up on your sister.


This is the generous couple that had us over for dinner and welcomed us to Livermore with a huge box of oranges and a jar of delicious pomegranate jelly.


Yum! It was great meeting you both, and thank you for your hospitality!

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