Nevada–We Still Love You!

We lived in Nevada for 13 years, from 1999 to 2012. Every day the mountains greeted us. Every night the sun set behind them and painted them pink and purple and that indescribable blue that only the best artists can capture, but not as well as God can.

We miss those mountains.

The time we spent in Nevada was both therapeutic and a little sad. Apart from Hannah, who spent 16 hours in McCarran Airport on her way to join us in Sacramento, we didn’t make it to our old stomping grounds in southern Nevada this year–long boring story. Actually short, but still boring, story. We did, however, spend some time in northern Nevada.

Check out the mountains both on the drive and near our event.

We sang a concert at The Springs Lutheran Church in Sparks, Nevada.

After 10 years in the area, they finally have their building, and isn’t it gorgeous!

They also make a mean chocolate cake…


but we have no evidence of that anymore.

Steve and Marissa also sang for pre-service and offertory Sunday morning.

After that, we packed up the gear and headed to Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church which is a mission on its third service. They currently meet in a school in Reno, Nevada. We sanga . concert and stayed for the worship service.

Meanwhile, these kids…

held a tic-tac-toe tournament. How fun is that!

After some fun with Pastor and his family, we headed down the road to Utah. And that was the end of our beautiful Nevada experience this year. Short and sweet.

Speaking of short:

This little Wisconsin-born babe is tired of hearing about the mountains. Wink wink.


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