On Bread and Parents and Gambling and Paying Up

Sometimes mothers do strange things like make fathers pull over at the sight of a bakery truck unloading loaves of bread so said mother can ask for some.

Northern California

And sometimes fathers do things like bet mothers $5 and a big smooch that not only will she not dare ask for a loaf of bread, but even if she does, she won’t get one.

Northern California

And sometimes mothers—even mothers who don’t gamble—will take that bet and go ask the bakery delivery man for a loaf of bread.

Northern California

And sometimes the delivery man will say yes and give her the biggest loaf.

Northern California

And then the daddy has to pay up, and the mama is happy, and all the little children with the fresh sourdough bread for lunch are happy, and even the daddy is happy.

Northern California

Pay up, Daddy!


Daddy paid up alright, and Mommy was $5 and one big smooch richer. Then we went over a California toll bridge, and Daddy had to permanently borrow $5 from Mommy…who  just happened to have that exact amount.


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