Our Honorary Travel Bag–Samantha

People have told us along our journey that we should allow parents to enroll their kids in a week or two with The Travel Bags to help them appreciate how great their own kids really have it, learn how to work hard and get along with others, and have an attitude adjustment.


Is it just me or does that kind of sound like this: Your life really stinks compared to ours, and I’ll pay you $20 to prove that to my kid…and feed him…and teach him some junk…and make him work like your kids do…and make one of your kids give up their space…and make your quarters even tighter…and help him adjust his attitude about life because it’s rotten.

Wow that sounds fun. You can see why we didn’t pursue that brilliant idea.

But what we did do for free and what we would do all over again for free is to take our niece/cousin Samantha with us for a week. That was fun and it is a brilliant idea!

If you’ve seen us at recent events and noticed an extremely blonde head amongst our shades of brown, that would be Samantha, or Smidge.

Here is Samantha’s week as an honorary Travel Bag:

To give Smidgie the true Travel Bags experience, we blew a bearing. Hey, just keeping it real for the little girl.

It’s every eight-year-old’s dream to be stranded in the dark in a park-and-ride, right?

Despite the mess of mangled metal, Steve had us up and running the next day, and we were on our way.

 Smidge was kept plenty busy. She was towed around by a one-year-old. 

She played tug-of war, boys against the girls.

That was just a warm-up, though, for the heavy labor.

Of course, Smidge got to spend some serious time in the Bagabus.

Here Judah is asking her to marry him–he’s a little smitten.

Smidgie’s parents said no, due to Judah’s questionable parents…you know, the ones who were watching their daughter for the week. They might not have thought that through. Ha!

We put Smidgerella to work, just like the rest of the roadies. She was a great sport!

  She might stand out just a leeeeeeeetle bit in our family.   

We also did a little roadschooling…but not much. She thought we were a bit nuts to be learning the Greek alphabet, but she jumped in anyway!

And then she introduced our kids to her faaaaavorite show, Little House on the Prairie. Now our kids are in love, too!

The owners of the dairy farm where we camped out hosted a campfire while we were there, so we sugared Smidgie up!

And they stayed outside playing, laughing, and shrieking until much too late for farm country!


Sword fights were on the agenda.

But hten, it was time for our last event with Smidge on the team–an outdoor worship service.

She roadied once again!

And, of course, this happened.


But she’s laughing!

 These girls played a mean game of church BINGO before we had to wrap it up and take Smidgie home.

Thanks for visiting us, Smidge! Come back real soon! We looooove you!


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