Our July Churches and Mission Venues

We spent July in Wisconsin. The churches in Wisconsin are more traditional than in some of the other parts of the country where we travel. Some of them are simple, some ornate, but almost all of them are downright beautiful!

Again, if we missed your church or mied up our information or didn’t dot an i or cross a t, please let us know or send us a picture and we’ll straighten it out! Thank you!

Here are July’s concerts and worship services:

St. John’s in Valmy, Wisconsin, (July 2) is a church we have visited…oh, let’s see, I think four times so far. Its also the church that hosted the Bible/Soccer camp three of our kids attended this summer–yee haw! It’s a charming little church from the outside, but is surprisingly big on the inside.

I didn’t get a shot of the exterior, so here’s a picture from Soccer/Bible camp instead.

I know–random!

St. Paul’s in Slinger, Wisconsin, (July 9) is a church with a great library. It has other perks, too, but you just can’t forget a great library! Especially when that library has comfortable seats and a televised display of the service to retreat with a little one who has only one volume–loud.

Pastor and his wife had us over for dinner the night before. The fish ate Elijah’s fingers.

Trinity Lutheran Church in West Bend, Wisconsin, (July 9) invited us to be a part of their church picnic, so we scurried from Slinger over to West Bend, set up, ate, sang, played too many games, bounced in the bounce house, tore down, and scampered off.  Somehow we lost all the photos from that event, and I’ve no idea why, except technology likes to bully me and it can’t be bribed with homemade buttery shortbread cookies.

But here’s a picture of us being exhausted.

And here are a couple shots of us broken down on the side of the road after leaving the picnic. That was like another whole picnic in itself!

St. John in Markesan, WI, (July 12 and 16) was a stunning building! Just look at it!

It was also the first event where we had our extra roadie, Samantha, for the week.

Aaaaaaaand it will forever be remembered as the church where, during a pre-service moment of silence, Judah announced in his Judah-volume, “I poop-ed!” Let the pew jiggling begin.

 They also held an outdoor worship service, picnic, and BINGO bash on Sunday at a park.

And this is where Christy was reunited with an old friend from her time studying at Nottingham University in England.

Let’s not comment on Christy’s hair.

“I drive, Mama.”

Epiphany in Racine, Wisconsin, (July 23) is another church we’ve visited four times. It’s a beautiful old building, also! The window in the front is gorgeous, but, sadly, my picture is pathetically pathetic–that’s a lot of pathetic.

I can’t not mention the lovely couple that brought us two locally made kringles and a pack or cookies! Thank you! I don’t have a picture of them, either, so here are my kids in the fellowship area drinking some form of liquid refreshment–not vodka.

And here is Elisabeth trying to contain Eliana’s hair because it was super humid and she has her mama’s hair. Sorry.

We parked in the pastor’s house, which was great on many levels. They have a paradise backyard, which means the kids wouldn’t come in until a mosquito started carrying away Ellie.

Also, Christy and Shelley, the pastor’s wife, were college friends, so, reunion!    

Oh, how did this picture get in there?

That is Steve driving the entire rig through the drive through at Kewaunee Custard. It can be done.

Zion in Theresa, Wisconsin, (July 30) was the last service of the month. But first I have to mention that the girls fell in love with this tiny little gal who fell asleep in Marissa’s arms. Also, this family makes really good chocolate chip cookies–fact.

The service in Theresa was an outdoor event…in a building…so technically it was indoor, but it was at a park, so it was sort of outdoor.

Plus there was a fantastic picnic afterward!

That’s the evil swing where Elijah got a rather impressive goose egg on the side of his head about ten minutes after we arrived. Boys–gotta love ’em, gotta keep ’em insured.

That was July! Sorry for the missed pictures. Sorry you can’t taste Kewaunee custard. Sorry your summer is going too quickly!

And a special thank you to all the churches who hosted us in July! We truly appreciate it!


  1. Samantha T.

    I love seeing all the different places your family sings. I hope you come down to our church in Tennessee soon.

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