Our Mail Went By Pony Express

People often ask how we get our mail, and sometimes we tell them “By Pony Express.” Before you chant, “Liar, Liar, pants on fire,” you need to check out these pictures!

We spent several weeks in January and February at a new friend’s cabin in Payson, Arizona–Arizona’s high country. While there, we took advantage of some of the local action. By action I mean we went to church and the library, but we also sent some letters out by Pony Express.

“Pony Express?” you say. (Did you say it?)

Yes! See?

The Hashknife Pony Express branch rode through Payson (and other Arizona towns) and delivered and picked up mail. I don’t know what else to tell you except that some of us love the smell of sweaty horses and leather, and there was a whole lot of that!

Here are the horses on the first day coming in:

The riders, most of whom were not single orphaned boys under 21, answered questions and signed autographs for their adoring fans.

Here is Rebecca’s favorite horse, Thatch, a 17hh quarter horse and Belgian cross. If you don’t speak horse lingo, just know that you don’t want that baby stepping on your foot, and that the man atop her is significantly taller than he looks.

And here is the lone horse on the second day going back out:

If you received mail from us during mid-February, it was picked up in Payson, Arizona, by that pinto right there (or is it a paint?) and dropped off in Somewhere-Else, Arizona, by other Pony Express riders.

That is so cool.

If you want to know how we normally get mail, read this post called “How We Normally Get Mail.” Catchy, isn’t it?

A note to our fellow roadschoolers:

It doesn’t have to be complicated to make it memorable and educational.

We picked up a couple books on the Pony Express at the Payson library (most libraries allow you to apply for a guest card; otherwise, find a website or use Overdrive for when a real library isn’t available). The kids read them to themselves or each other and we chatted about them casually–easy peasy. Also, we toured a real Pony Express station in South Dakota a while back, which most of them remember. Pop the Pony Express into our timeline books and it’s a definite roadschooling win!

Oh, if you didn’t receive any Pony Express mail from us, we may have kinda sorta sent your postcard to ourselves instead–hey, we like mail, too!

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