Our New-To-Us Digs

While we were in southern Wisconsin we took a couple trips to look at used trailers. The first required a four-hour drive to Iowa, and turned out to be a major disappointment. While the trailer was a really really really nice size and layout, it had a leak which had gone unnoticed and turned into black mold. While leaks and mold are just part of the game in RVing, we couldn’t start out with that problem.

The second was smaller, but it was terrific. We paid cash for it thanks to the sale of our truck, and to some money we had saved up from donations. People, it’s beautiful!

Of course, to replenish the money that went out to buy the trailer, we had to sell the old trailer. That meant we had to clean it up.

I tell you, people, we spent a day cleaning the new trailer for our family, and a week cleaning the old trailer for the new family. We (we as in Marissa) even touched up the wallpaper so it would be prettier for them.


Not bad, eh?

Why did we work so hard to perfect a trailer that someone else was only going to use to camp a few weekends a year? It’s just the way we are.

We sold our truck for a smokin’ good deal, and we sold our trailer for a smokin’ good deal. What goes around…well, you know the rest. We bought that new-to-us trailer for a good deal.

We now have four bunks in the back instead of two, which means the four children who were sharing beds before, no longer have to share! Woo hoo! Seven kids in a travel trailer and nobody has to share a bed. That’s, like, a miracle or something!

We also have an additional counter which we call The Coffee Bar, so Stephen’s coffee is not perpetually in the way. Oops. Did I italicize that out loud? Wink. Really, that freed-up counter space is a God-send when you’re cooking for nine people in a small space! The regular counter is a few inches deeper and longer, plus the wall slides out 18 inches, increasing our living and walking space. No more announcing, “I’m cooking, so everyone glue your butts down!” You can cook, and a body can still walk past you to, I don’t know, use the restroom.

I know that to you people living in anything over 1000 square feet, the inches we talk about sound like no big deal, but to us, adding about 50 square feet to our previous 280 is enormous! It’s like the Taj Mahal without the corpse!

(Every time my kids say that, people look at them like they’re weird, which may be true. However, the Taj Mahal is an enormous tomb that the king of built for his queen. So, they’re not so much weird as informed…which comes out as weird sometimes.) FACT CHECK!!!

We have a bit of work to do on the new-to-us trailer. The awning doesn’t work, so Steve needs to replace the motor. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, either, but it keeps the ground around the trailer dry, which is important in a small space. Also, it gives Jedi a dry place to lie in the rain, and a cool place to lie in the summer, so the big guy doesn’t have to be cooped up with us inside all summer long. He likes to lounge outside. Finally, the awning expands our world, because we can set up chairs outside and increase our living area or, perhaps, open a barber shop LINK TO HAIR CUT in the summer without frying.

You’ll get more pictures of the new digs on other posts. For now, we just want to send out a great big thank you to everyone who supports us with your prayers, encouragement, CD purchases, and donations. It keeps us rolling on down the road singing the Word, and now we’re rolling with a little bit more elbow room.

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