Our RV Food Solution

If you know anything about the typical travel trailer, you know there is very little refrigerator, freezer, or pantry space. If you know anything about us, you know there are 11 of us. And if you know anything about raising children, you know they need to eat. That means we need to have food. I know: duh.

To help with our food storage limitations, and to improve the overall health of our diets, we have been using freeze-dried foods from a company called Thrive Life. It has been so beneficial to us that we are now distributors for the product (which results in some free food…which the kids also eat).

We made a video about it right here to answer the questions we always receive: what do you do about food?

Anything you order through our Thrive Life link supports our music mission and our family. Thank you for letting us share this with you.

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