Our Tour of Reno, Nevada

We spent a day and a half in Reno, one of the vacation destinations of Nevada. And what did we see?


And we didn’t even take pictures or get the T-shirt.

We did, however, get the Donner pass tire replaced, and we also had a wonderful evening concert with the members of Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church. These people know how to lay out the refreshments afterward!


If you’ve read the book “Friendship Bread” or otherwise know of this Amish tradition, then you know all about Friendship Bread (worthy of capitalization), and how the starter is fed over the course of ten days and divided. Then you  bake some up into Friendship Bread, feed some as a continuing starter, and pass the rest on to a friend. The vicar’s wife, Elisabeth (spelled with an “S” just like our Bean spells it), made some scrumptious Friendship Bread for the refreshment table and sent us on our way with a couple more loaves. Yum! Tempted as we were to take a Friendship Bread starter, it isn’t exactly suitable to our current lifestyle. Frown.

Pastor Beck and his wife are great people…and not just because they homeschool their sweet daughter, Annie. They were very sweet to load us up with strawberries, apples, and bananas for our homeward journey. Grin!

The kiddos had a terrific time running, climbing, swinging, sliding…


and staring at the schoolchildren. Maybe Mommy did a little more staring than the rest. Someone should teach her some manners.


What trip to Reno would be complete without a stop at the dump station! At least this one was picturesque.


And now…this bus is heading home for five days! Pack it up!


Addendum: Pastor Beck has since had a stroke. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

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