Overnight in an Orange Grove

The Travel Bags

We were ecstatic to be camping in an orange grove in California not too far out from Bakersfield.

The Travel Bags
Doesn’t Miss Jazz Hands on the right look ecstatic?!

The camp host said we could pick as many oranges as we wanted, as long as

  1. we did not climb the trees, and
  2. we did not use a ladder.

We could, however, use “personal pickers.”

The Travel Bags

Unfortunately for us, previous ecstatic campers had cleared the lower branches, and all that remained were oranges at the top of the trees and a few that had fallen.

Also, unfortunately for us, our “personal pickers” were a handful of scrappy kiddos that were really good at scooting up trees for apples, cherries, and bragging rights.

So, no oranges for us. Well, except for a few the enthusiastic gatherer and his dog picked up off the ground.

The Travel BagsThe Travel Bags


the scent was intoxicating, much like the lilac bush back on Grandma’s farm, except it was everywhere and permeated the trailer such that we could still smell it when we popped back into the trailer down the road.

The Travel Bags

Sitting outside in the grove on a crisp California morning with a daughter and a dog is, I must say only about a jelly donut shy of bliss.

And did I mention they had free donuts?

It was a great experience despite the lack of edible oranges, and we had our consolation fruit awaiting us for the next leg of the journey.

The Travel Bags

Want some?

The Travel Bags


  1. mary hasche

    Your adventure is soooo great! does baby have a tooth coming??
    can’t wait to see you at Karen’s.
    Stay safe!
    grandma Mary

    1. The Travel Bags

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see you, too!

      Eliana is getting teeth, but they haven’t cut through yet. She’s working on it, though, chewing on anybody who gets near.

      Hugs to you!

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