People Helping People

One of the wonderful aspects of our travels is witnessing how the churches and families we visit reach out to strangers in their communities. From food banks to foreign language services to dinners and special events, people extend the hand of love to other people, just as Christ exemplified.

This is Living Word in Petaluma, California.


Take another look. Can you see the Bagabus?


The area between the parsonage, Bagabus and church is a community garden that the church runs.


This is my children picking spring onions from one of the community garden boxes.


Despite the fact that they are harvesting in stealth under the cover of darkness, they are not stealing. A total stranger, heretofore affectionately known in the annals of The Travel Bags as The Filipino Community Garden Lady, gave us an armload of Swiss chard, kale, and collard greens from her garden, complete with directions on preparation, recipe ideas, and an invitation to grab some spring onions the size of a small child before we left…which we did!


And we prepared it as she said, and ate it four times! Uh, yes, that’s a puny little amount of kale on that plate, but we had to test the recipe first before cooking up a big batch.


And Swiss chard.

Northern California

Yum! All thanks to the generosity and hard work of people helping people.


  1. Dipi

    I’ve just discovered your blog in Australia and am enjoying trawling it. I keep greeting kale and Swiss chard delivered in a farmers box of veges and never know how to cook it NICELY. May I ask what your recipes were?


    1. Certainly! We heated some oil in a pan, and then put in the greens, a few splashes of vinegar (we used red wine vinegar because we had it in the trailer), some garlic, salt and pepper and just heated until it wilted. I like onions in there, too, or just onion powder for the flavor.

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