Lessons in Crepe Making and a Fresh Egg Breakfast

The Travel Bags

The Dirings had us back for breakfast.

It consisted of an egg hunt–the real kind–with Pastor. There is no photo documentation of their failed attempts at finding eggs, because they prefer to remember their triumphs. Rumor has it the chickens were miffed that their dinner was late the night before, so they went on strike. I seriously think I saw them picketing with their little signs, you guys! Fortunately, Oksana had collected a few eggs the day before when the ladies were feeling a bit more generous.

The hunt was followed by a crepe making lesson from Oksana.

The Travel Bags
A lesson in crepes.

And the menu? 

Fresh eggs baked into a breakfast casserole. Homemade crepes. “The good chocolate,” as our host called it. Pepper jam (what is it with pepper jam and Californians? Not that I’m complaining…at all!). Corn bread muffins. Chamomile tea.

The Travel Bags
It was that good.
The Travel Bags
Still eating! Yup, we left our manners at the door.
The Travel Bags
Saving some of “the good chocolate” for later!

And a little extra love.

The Travel Bags
A little extra lovin’.

The girls are working hard at keeping their rooms clean, in hopes that Oksana will deem them responsible enough to have one of their new kittens in a year or so.

What a fantastic send-off! We tried to take Oksana with us, but she opted to remain in her nice spacious home with her husband rather than cram into our already crowded trailer with the nine of us. Can’t imagine why.

Want to try your own crepes? Here’s a recipe and how-to video we dug up just for you!

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