Pie Town, New Mexico — Practically Paradise

As we tour the country, there are a few places that we come across where we would seriously consider settling down. Here is one of them:

Pie Town, New Mexico

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place named after one of the most divine foods ever created? That was a rhetorical question!

It’s named for its pies. Which is reason enough why we could happily live on the steps of one of its most well-known digs, Pio-o-neer.

Here’s a super fun and diet-busting video about the whole experience:

Or you can just stare at these pictures:

Here’s why these are some of the best pies we’ve ever eaten. The crusts are flaky and delicious. It is some of the best crusts I’ve had since Mom’s lard crusts from my childhood days. Also, the pies are not overly sweet, which they said they do on purpose. You can enjoy the flavors without your taste buds shutting down after three bites, ya know? Aaaamazing pie!

Now we all want another

Or perhaps an entire

Go watch the video and tell us what flavor you would have picked? They have SEVENTY! Music mission cancelled–we’re going back.

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