Pizza Angel

Our girls sing a song called Pizza Angel, taught to them by the endearing (but potentially annoying in large doses) Larry the Cucumber of Veggie Tales fame.

It goes like this:

Pizza Angel, please come to me.

Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey.

Pizza Angel, I’m on my knees.

You’re my number one pie from Sicily.

The children love pizza, and Steve…well, he claims he’d eat it for every meal if he could…but his sadistic wife makes him eat veggies and other junk instead.

Enter the Stones!

The Travel Bags

Pastor and Sandy Stone are dear old friends of Steve…old as in for 25 years, not old as in that they’re old, because, seriously, we couldn’t keep up with Sandy when she took us for a “little stroll” in her beautiful neighborhood! Yup, she’s amazing!

The Travel Bags

We camped out on the street in front of their home when Steve sang at St. John in Vacaville…and they fed us…pizza…from Dominos.

That may not seem like a big deal to you, but we have been on restricted diets in one form or another for nearly two years. Plus, those of you who think the budget of a traveling musician’s family stretches to include Domino’s Pizza are getting us mixed up with Third Day and The Jonas Brothers.

What a treat! And what a wonderful time we had with the Stones! We could literally have spent three weeks there soaking up wisdom and encouragement from Pastor Stone, letting Sandy burn off some of our wiggly boy’s energy, and immersing the girls in Spanish. We miss you already!

The Travel Bags

And just so you all know, Steve ate a lot of pizza, but didn’t touch the gorgeous salad that the girls and Sandy made.

The Travel Bags

He did, however, have room for a nice slice of baptismal cake the next morning. (Yup, we’re tattling.) He’s lovin’ this!  And so is Princess Blue Eyes.

The Travel Bags

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